Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Rio+20: Thematic Social Forum opens the way to the People's Summit

The Thematic Social Forum “Capitalist Crisis, Social and Environmental Justice” will be held from January 24-29th, 2012 in the city of Porto Alegre (Brazil) and its metropolitan area.

During the Thematic Social Forum, CLADE will join the Circle of Debates called Human Rights, Justice and Memory, which will take place on January, 27th. Held by FLACSO and supported by several organisations, the circle includes a panel on education called “Education and the struggle for justice, memory and human rights", in which Camilla Croso, CLADE's General Coordinatior who is also President of the Global Campaign for Education.

Launching of the Thematic Social Forum Working Groups. Thematic Groups are virtual discussion groups on issues related to the theme “Capitalist Crisis, Social and Environmental Justice” that guides the Thematic Social Forum to be held in January 2012 in Porto Alegre.

The Thematic Groups will be a space for organizations, networks, and intellectual movements of civil society to deepen the reflection, create connections and develop proposals for action and documents. This continuous interaction in virtual space will be strengthened by meeting attendance members of these groups, and Thematic Social Forum (January 2012) and the Rio+20 Peoples’ Summit (July 2012) are key events in this process.

At the moment, registrations are open for the following Thematic Groups:

  • Water
  • Commons
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Science and Technology
  • Climate
  • Consumption
  • Education
  • Ethics
  • Extraction and Mining
  • Finance and solidary, sustainable and fair economy
  • Governance and Power Architecture
  • Territories, Self-Government and Good Living

For further information, please visit: (in Portuguese)