Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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General Assembly is the supreme governing authority of CLADE. All its members participate: national coalitions, regional networks and international, non-governmental organisations. Among the responsibilities and powers of the General Assembly are:

  • The approval of the report of activities made by the Steering Committee and the Executive Coordination
  • Determining policies, principles and political agenda of CLADE
  • Electing the Steering Commitee members
  • Examining the audited Financial Report and approving general budget
  • Amend by-laws
  • Make final decisions regarding membership submissions

According to the new by-laws approved in 2010, Assembly shall meet in Ordinary Session each two years, for a mid-term evaluation, and after a governing period of four years. The place, the date and the pre-agenda of General Assembly will be determined by the Steering Committee.

Please find all the information about our General Assemblies below:

VIII Assembly: An education that guarantee rights for a world of dignity. Lima, Peru, 26-29 October 2014. Read here the Declaration of Lima. 

VII Assembly: Social struggles, human rights and education. Strengthening democracies and empowering citizens in Latin America and the Caribbean. Quito, Ecuador, April 10-13, 2012. Click here to read the Declaration of Quito.

VI Asambly: ¡Education is a right! No to discrimination in Latin-America and the Caribbean. São Paulo, Brasil, May 3-5, 2010. Click here to read the Declaration of São Paulo. 

V Asambly: Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala, October 6-7, 2008. Click here to download the Declaration of Guatemala.

IV AsamblyPanama, March 22-23, 2007.Click here to download the Declaration of Panama: A call for action.