Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Site Map

Photo: Gilvan BarretoWhat does CLADE do? We invite you to know our ideas, proposals and activities by each core area, by clicking on the menu on your left.

Being a civil society network focused on human rights, CLADE carries on its actions by following a Declaration of Principles and through the continuous political evaluation of the regional context. In each Assembly, the network defines its core areas of advocacy, best described in the Campaign’s Political Agenda.

Currently, our Political Agenda defines two main advocacy areas: (1) Affirming education as a human right, in order to assure it is universal, free and compulsory; (2) strengthening participatory democracy, in order to maximise civil society participation in debates and decision-making processes regarding the legal and political instruments on education.
In each of these strategies, we carry out various actions aimed at putting pressure on the three main branches of the State: Executive, Legislative and Judiciary -, the media, and society as a whole.

Our strategies include the permanent alliances with other organisations and social movements that promote human rights; justiciability, understood as using the justice systems to demand the realization of rights; social mobilization and other initiatives to raise public awareness; the production of human rights biased information to bring new points of view to debates on education; and last, collective learning and production of knowledge, as well as studies to set up the basis for social change.