Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Financing and free education

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Public policies must be primarily informed by the human rights paradigm and not by the economic development paradigm or the speeches that advocate for shorter budgets, as long as they are well employed. Thus our challenge is to think about financing from the human rights point of view, being the States committed to several obligations clearly specified in the international legal frameworks in terms of respect, protection and guarantees of the human right to education.

CLADE advocates for the generation of concrete changes in public policies of educational financing: we want to transform allocation policies, as well as other mechanisms related to financing the right to education. Particularly, we demand the creation of proper financial conditions to address the accomplishment of the right, and claim for the removal of the following obstacles:

- Stabilization programs (macroeconomics and debt)
- Absence of progressive taxation
- Non-gratuity and social-economical barriers to the access
- Tendencies towards privatization and marketization of education