Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Site Map

National Forums

  • Argentina

    Argentina Campaign for the Right to Education (CADE)

    It is a joint action of several civil society organizations committed to quality public education for a new educational equality. Search focuses on public policies for universal education for children and youth, strengthening the work of teachers and the implementation of initiatives to ensure increased funding for education.

  • Bolivia

    Bolivian Campaign for the Right to Education (CBDE)

    It was created around the activities of Global Action Week in April 2009. It is a civil society organisation that works to defend the right to free, quality, public education, of State responsibility for all people, contributes to the debate and the construction of a long-term educational agenda for the country and develops actions which cause an impact on public policies in education. Organizations, individuals and institutions that are committed to the right to education for everyone participate in CBDE.

  • Brasil

    National Campaign for the Right to Education

    Represents the action of more than 200 institutions throughout Brazil, including national and international NGOs, trade unions, universities, secretaries of education, students and youth organizations. It aims to enforce the educational rights guaranteed by law, through strateguies such as institutional articulation, pressure on authorities, mobilization, research, communication and justice so that every Brazilian citizen has access to a good quality public school.

  • Chile

    Forum for the Right to Education - Chile

    It is a broad and pluralistic citizen movement that carries out activities to learn and convey the opinion of key players in the equity and quality of education, channeling the voice of citizenship to those who take decisions in public policies and promotiing the participation of civil society for the democratic supervision, increasing the impact of social organizations.

  • Colombia

    Colombian Coalition for the Right to Education

    The Colombian Coalition for the Right to Education is a network that brings together 25 social organizations, working to boost public debate and the incidence on educative policies towards the realization of the right to education in the country.

  • Costa Rica

    Citizens Agenda for Education

    This is a national space of articulation that comes about in 2003 as an initiative of various civil society organizations interested in contributing to the improvement of educational policies in Costa Rica.

  • Ecuador

    Social Contract for Education

    It is a broad citizens' movement, diverse and pluralistic, composed of organizations, institutions and people involved in the social, educational, academic, business, youth and children advocacy from around the country. Its purpose is to assist in preparing and monitoring the collective performance of educational public policies to building a better country.

  • El Salvador

    Salvadoran Network for the Right to Education

    This is a coalition of civil society and cooperation organizations, working for education as a fundamental human right for everyone. Among other things, seeks to promote the guarantee of access to education, ensuring that it is inclusive, with equal opportunity and no discrimination at all stages of life.

  • Guatemala

    Education for All Collective

    Works to monitor educational rights, particularly the allocation of public resources, not only to enrolled students, but also to those that are not attending to school, increasing the enrolment and providing school's material and human needs.

  • Haití

    Education for All Group (REPT)

    The social movements and organizations which form the Haitian coalition are working to build a permanent mobilisation, developing strategies of action for the right to free, quality, public education. The challenge taken on by the Group is to reconcile the project of building an educational system in the context of emergency caused by the earthquakes that devastated the country in early 2010.

  • Honduras

    Forum Dakar Honduras

    The Forum Dakar Honduras aims to promote national citizenship building processes to fulfill the Dakar commitments assumed by the State of Honduras, considering education a right for all in general, as well as the right to a free and quality education, particularly for the most excluded actors, such as children, youth, adults and indigenous.

  • México

    Civil Adovcacy for Education (ICE)

    This is a national space of articulation that comes about in 2003 as an initiative of various civil society organizations interested in contributing to the improvement of educational policies in Mexico.

  • Nicaragua

    Nicaraguan Initiative Forum for Education and Human Development (FEDH-IPN)

    In its 15 years of existence, FEDH-IPN developed an expertise in political advocacy that resulted in the National Law of Education, the National Guidelines for Education and in a close monitoring to the international commitments assumed by Nicaragua's government. Currently the Forum takes part in Mesas Educativas (participatory spaces where policies of education are discussed) in 41 cities and is responsible for an Education Observatory to monitor advances referring to accessibility, quality and pertinence of education.

  • Paraguay

    Forum for the Right to Education

    This Forum has expertise in mobilisation processes involving students and activists. Currently, it leads a campaign for the Exigibility of the right to education and grounds a campaign for free education among students and school communities, supporting the country’s Federation of Secondary Students. Moreover, the coalition participates in educational meeting tables in which the representatives of Paraguay’s Ministry of Education discuss key issues with civil society organizations.

  • Peru

    Peruvian Campaign for the Right to Education (CPDE)

    Created in 2003, CPDE gathers 20 organisations that work for the right to education in the country. Its main activities are focused on the right to education in early childhood, the right to education for persons with disabilities, education in the fields and the biligual crosscultural education.

  • Dominican Republic

    Social-Educational Forum

    Its mission is to reflect and influence educational policies and promote educational and training processes for public participation of different actors, mobilised to improve education. Initiated in 2000, the Forum aims to contribute for the construction of a Dominican society with more education and equality, democratic and in peace; produce proposals to improve national public education and promote advances through educational policies that foster transformations in school, as well as initiatives to the right to a quality education without any kind of exclusion.