Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Site Map

Regional networks

  • ALER

    The Latin-American Association for Education and Popular Comunication (ALER) is a popular educational communication network that promotes participation, inclusion, harmonic coexistence with nature; that accompanies peoples in the claim of their rights; that works for the democratization of communication and that is involved in the creation of processes for the "Buen Vivir".


    The  Latin-America and the Caribbean Council for Popular Education is a network of NGOs present in 21 Latin-American and Caribbean countries that works to promote a democratic transformation in our societies, peace, and human rights through popular education.

  • Espacio sin Fronteras (ESF)

    Its mission is advocacy politically regards on decision-making bodies at local, regional and international levels, proposing the development of based on human rights public policies for migrants. The ESF performs activities such as general network meetings; Forums, spaces for debate and training; Meetings with public authorities (national, regional and local authorities); Participation in social forums; Publications and research; And monitoring of human rights policies. In addition to CLADE, ESF is a member of the International Committee of the World Social Forum on Migration, the Hemispheric Day for Democracy and against the free trade agreements, the Network and the Organization for Universal Citizenship.

  • Fe y Alegría

    Fe y Alegría is an International Movement of Popular Education and Social Promotion, based on the values of justice, freedom, participation, fraternity, respect for diversity and solidarity, aimed at the impoverished and excluded population, in order to to contribute to the transformation of societies.

  • Marcha Global contra el Trabajo Infantil

    The Global March Against Child Labour is a worldwide network of trade unions, teachers' and civil society organisations that work together towards the shared development goals of eliminating and preventing all forms of child labour and ensuring access by all children to free, meaningful and good quality public education.

  • OMEP Latinoamérica

    The World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP) is a non-governmental and non-profit international organization with consultative status at the United Nations and UNESCO, which deals with all aspects related to Care and Education Early Childhood; promotes the rights of children to education and care worldwide and supports activities that improve accessibility to education and better quality care.

  • Pressenza

    Agencia Pressenza is a space opened to the expression of the social base that favors a universalist humanist perspective, and promotes a collaboration agreement and alliances with other agencies, as well as reciprocal links with portals, platforms and mass media of specific cultures. The agency is independent of economic interest and has columnists, reporters, photographers, graphic designers, filmmakers and translators from all five continents who contribute to their professional and nonprofit work. The Agency gives visibility to news, initiatives, proposals and scenarios related to peace, non-violence, human rights and the fight against all forms of discrimination. It places the human being as a central value and concern and celebrates diversity.

  • Red Global/Glocal por la calidad Educativa

    Red Global/Glocal por la calidad Educativa

    The Global/ Glocal Network for Quality Education is an organization that defends and promotes quality education, with presence in more than 22 countries, whose executive secretariat is in Caracas, Venezuela. It has an operating committee of 21 members, almost one hundred members of Venezuela and work teams in countries of four continents.


    The fundamental goal of REPEM – Women’s Network for Popular Education is to strengthen and consolidate balanced articulation processes among national, regional and global issues to contribute to the attainment of social, economic and gender related justice. It groups 140 NGOs and activist and academician women from Latin American and Caribbean countries. REPEM is the regional representation for Latin-America of DAWN (Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era) and of the Gender Office from the International Council for Adult Education. It has a consultative status at United Nations ECOSOC.